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Order Form



In this page you can send me the image you would like to use as a model for the realization of an artistic portrait. The name of the attached file will be the title of your portrait that I will make for you.

In this first phase no prepayment is required

Just you send your request, you will receive your order number.
The works follow the order of the received bookings.
Is visible on the top bar, a note which indicates the progress of orders.
You will be notified when I begin to work on your portrait.
After the portrait is complete, you will receive your personal link:

PREVIEW #Order Number

You can preview the image. Here you can:
- If satisfied, confirm the commission payment (end of processing*)
- Cancel the order (at no cost)
*How the commission cost is calculated:
€ 80 x Number of sobjects

Art print or Digital file

At the same time you can choose how to receive your portrait:
- Purchase the JPG file (medium/high resolution)
- To buy Wall Arts and/or Design Products*
- Purchase of both options
Scroll down to view prices.

* To confirm the payment of the commission, the product will be visible in the types and formats available on my online store:
Curioos.com/MirrorWalkers – Series: LIMITED EDITION|EXCLUSIVE
If you have selected digital printing, the link to the page of your product will be activated within 24h / 48h. The product will be active 30 days at the end of which, if requested by e-mail, removed.

To get an idea of the individual printing costs, of the different types and products proposed, visit the example links:
1 Sobject – Soft Pastel
Commission work € 80 + Print costs
2 Sobjects – Vintage Style
Commission work € 160 + Print costs

Payment only after processing

Fill in the Order Form

Indicates the number of subjects, they can be people and/or animals. Choose the desired format, style and color.

Annulla selezione


Send at least one image of good quality. Make sure that the subject to be portrayed is clear and well defined. Required image format: JPG. Finally click “Order” – Preliminary phase of assignment at cost € 0.00.


Optional: send a note if you think it is important to inform me of the details or preferences in the implementation phase.



In this first phase I’d not require any advance payment. It is my personal choice. With my clients I like to immediately establish a relationship of mutual trust. You are not buying something visible, common and ready to use. Each of my artwork or artistic portrait is born step by step, the hand follows the inspiration of the moment. When I feel fully satisfied, I will show you a preview of your portrait. Only at the end, if you approve the work, you can make the required commission payment. My intent is to always meet the expectations of my customers and make them absolutely satisfied. I simply request honesty of judgment, trust in my graphic style.
Claudio Tosi [Mirror Walkers]

 Commission Prices
€ 80 - n. 1 single portrait
+ € 80 each additional person/sobject
Ex. € 80 x n. 2 sobjects = € 160,00 VAT included
Ex. € 80 x n. 3 sobjects = € 240,00 VAT included

Included: Standard/non-commercial Licence and Certificate of authenticity.

 Sending jpg files
- File JPG 3543×4725 pixel (30×40 cm – 300 dpi): + € 20,00
Ex. n.1 sobject € 80 commission work + € 20 file jpg 300 dpi = total € 100,00
File JPG 6614×8819 pixel (42×56 cm – 400 dpi): + € 70,00
Es. n.1 sobject € 80 commission work + € 70 file jpg 400 dpi = total € 150,00

Questions and Answers

Client: I received the message that my portrait is being processed. How long do I have to wait to see it preview?
Claudio Tosi:
For a single portrait, usually between design study and manual/digital drawing, approximately 3/5 working days, considers that an artistic portrait can take more time than another. For jobs with multiple subjects depends on the complexity of the portrait. I ask you patience because the time, for artistic work, should not be a factor that could jeopardize the final result.

Customer: How much time does the preview remain on your site?
Claudio Tosi: A week. I think it is a useful time to evaluate the work performed and make your own choices. It is always possible to request by e-mail the reinstatement of the preview by communicating the order number.

Client: How is the portrait performed?
Claudio Tosi: It’s a mix of different techniques (mixed media). The sketch/preliminary design is drawn by hand on white paper, your photo is used only as a reference model. Then the design is converted into a digital file, finished by hand and colored with the pen drive on a tablet. Finally, according to inspiration, it can be accompanied by particular textures. The end result is a high resolution file that can be adapted and printed from small to large format for every need.

Client: Is it possible to make a portrait of animals or just people?
Claudio Tosi: Yes, I design both people and animals without problems, I only need to know how many subjects I have to portray. For very particular figures, fantasy or otherwise, settings or landscapes send me an email to art@MirrorWalkers.it without attaching the image to understand the difficulty of the overall work and understand if the work requires an added cost that will be communicated to you. In the preview stage the price of the commission fee will be adequate.

Client: Does the cost of the assignment vary depending on whether the painting is in color or in black and white?
Claudio Tosi: No, it does not change. Generally I evaluate from time to time what may be the proposal that I consider ideal, if you have special preferences I kindly ask you to notify me in advance in the “Notes” box.

Customer: I would like to choose a photo but I am undecided between many. How can I do?
Claudio Tosi: No problem. You can attach up to three images, I will evaluate for you what I think may be ideal and report it to you. If approved, I will proceed working on the chosen one.

Client: Do you also create artistic nudes?
Claudio Tosi: Of course. If you requested in “Notes”, the preview will be sent to you in a confidential way by e-mail, nothing will be published undesired.

Client: I would like to ask if it is possible to communicate only the theme of the painting without sending the photo.
Claudio Tosi: This specific page is dedicated only to commissioned portraits and at least one photo is required. For different or very particular requests visit the Art Gallery page, evaluate which type of service meets your needs and fill out the dedicated form describing the desired project or theme, you will receive a specific quote.

Client: Why two separate payments, assignment and file and/or Print?
Claudio Tosi: I have verified and believe that Curioos.com is currently among the best in terms of print quality, products and materials used. They ship worldwide and shipping costs are also appropriate for Italy. In addition, the customer, once satisfied with my work and paid my commission, has time to decide which size or type of printing is ideal and calmly make their choices or, why not, divide the expense in two distinct moments. They are unique and exclusive works that will remain forever, do not buy any good. Rightly, take the time necessary to review the different proposals and decide.

Client: I would like to commission a thematic portrait for my commercial activity, I would like to show it, is it possible? How does the License work?
Claudio Tosi: For commissions of this type, for private exhibition use, a standard/non-commercial license is attached to the work. To be clear, you are free to display it in your room, but the framework itself can not be resold in return unless you require an illustration for commercial purposes (Standard License or Extended for commercial use), in case I refer you to the examples in Art Gallery section where you can find the ideal solution and request a quote.

 Do you have any other questions? Contact me!